Things To Do in Phoenix at Night

Phoenix city

The city of Phoenix is known for its vibrant nightclubs, spa resorts, and desert botanical gardens. There are actually a lot of things that you can do at night in Phoenix. In this post, you are going to discover some of the best things you can do in this city if you are a tourist or a local.

1. Nighttime Mountain Biking

If you are game for a night of adventure and thrill, try nighttime mountain biking. All you have to do to get this experience is to find a monthly Nightride Event in the city and get yourself registered. 

2. Sonoran Hot Air Balloon Ride

Want to view the vast landscape of the desert around Phoenix? Get into a hot air balloon on the Sonoran desert and enjoy the magnificent view while feeling the fresh air. What’s more? You even get a toast after landing.

3. Visit the Phoenix Art Museum

The Phoenix Art Museum has a collection of more than 20,000 works of art. The gallery has collections from Europe, Latin America, and Asia. For someone who is fascinated by both historic and modern art, this place is a must-visit.

4. Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art is a destination for art lovers to explore and appreciate art, architecture, and design. A true delight for contemporary art aficionados, this place will not fail to make your evening delightful.

5. Moonlight Hiking

Things To Do in Phoenix at Night

For the nocturnal creature in you, there is the option for a moonlight hike. Here you get to go on a hike with nothing but a flashlight or headlamp. Piestewa Peak and South Mountain are two popular hiking spots in Phoenix.

6. Stargazing

This is another interesting activity you can do in Phoenix. There are professional astronomers who can help you take a closer look at the stars and constellations. This will certainly be one of the most enlightening experiences for you in the desert backcountry in Phoenix.

7. Attend a comedy show

The best way to spend your evening in Phoenix is to laugh your heart out. There are famous comedians hosting shows at the National Comedy Theater in Phoenix. Hop into this place and you will come out with a grin on your face.


Phoenix is the perfect city for your nightlife escapades. There is always something significant happening in the city and you can’t have enough of it in your short visit. However, this list is something that can help you get started. Do you know about other interesting things to do at night in Phoenix? Let us know in the comment section below.